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It's Sunday and a day that many people connects to food prep. I've been thinking about giving you this post for a while and now it's here; my post about food prep, lunch boxes and why it's good to prepare your own food for for instance work and uni. It's good for yourself, your economy, your health and the environment. Read further to learn more.

Ps. All photos and recipes in this post are perfect food prep recipes. Just press the underlined headlines to get to the recipes. ds.

Above: Swedish Vegan Meatballs with boiled potato, Lingonberry Jam and Gravy.

To the left: Potato Salad with Homemade Vega Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives. To the right: Indian Sweet potato stew with curry.

Why do you save money when food prepping?

Let's start with the economy. It doesn't matter if you work, are a student or just be living life simpel - when cooking your own food and bringing food boxes with you will save you loads of money.

Simple math. Let's say a lunch in the city in a restaurant etc costs 100 kr (approx 10 euros or 10 dollars). It could possibly cost more or less, but let's say that's the in average in Sweden. That is 100 kronor x 5 days a week which means that you have spent 500 kronor every single weeks ONLY on your lunches. Your annual cost for lunches will be approx 26 000 kronor. This amount on money only for buying lunches a year is a crazy amount of money.

There are many people who don't have an idea of how cheap it actually can be of cooking food at home. Vegetarian and vegan food isn't always - but for the most part - more cheap than buying meat, chicken and fish. That's the reason I in this post am offering various tasteful recipes that actually doesn't cost that much of money per serving - only a few Swedish kronor or a few American cents. Let's just say that a homemade lunchbox instead costs 15 kronor (1,5 dollars). This is kind of overpriced for a homemade lunchbox to be honest, since I know that most of my lunches only cost 5-10 kronor/box. I will make a calculation on 15 kronor though so we have som marginal. 15 kronor per homemade lunch box would be 75 kronor / week on lunches. The annual cost for eating homemade lunch would be approx 3900 kronor.

26 000 - 3900 = 22 100 kronor (2210 dollars) in cost difference would you have every single year (approximately) if you ate homemade food instead of eating out. You would save approx 22 000 kronor just on lunches, and think about how many other things you could do with that amount of money!

To the left: Creamy mushroom and sun dried tomato pasta with fresh basil. To the right: gnocchi pomodori gratin.

Why is it better for your personal health to food prep?

Simple said - because you don't know what's inside the bought lunch. It's easy to run to McDonalds, Burger King or other fast food chain and eat something quickly to run back to your office or uni to continue your work. Even at restaurants that have "finer" food, you still don't know what they put inside. Don't get me wrong, it's totally fine to eat in restaurants and even junk food now and then, but in a long term perspective - if you did it every single day - it wouldn't be good for your own health.

When food prepping, you get to decided what's inside your lunch. If you want to have a vegan pasta, lasagna, gnocchi or what ever, you can do that home and eat it for lunch. It's not the restaurant that decide over your health and your body - you do!

Why is it more time effective and less stressful to food prep?

Most people don't have a long break for lunch, so if you have to run out when having your break to find a place to eat lunch, oh gosh that is stressful. Be more time effective instead, and food prep on a Sunday like this one for the following week. You can make one big batch of food, place the food in food boxes and have them stored in the fridge for the weekdays. You are so more time effective when doing so.

Why is it better for the environment to food prep?

When food prepping, you will learn the art of portion control. You will get to know how much food you actually need no matter how much food the restaurants give you, and you will therefore never have to waste food. Sometimes restaurants give you huge amounts of food that is not possible for you to eat. When meal prepping you get to decide the portions of food and if you plan good it's more likely that you won't have any food waste.

To the left: Curry stew with lime, peanut butter and wok veggies. To the right: Vegan greek moussaka.

What is your own perspective about this matter? Do you food prep? Do you think about these things? Let me know in a comment.

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