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In serious Corona-times like these, it is very easy to freak out, get stressed and maybe even hysterical. Be careful and respectful towards them who actually can get sick, but remember to not forget laughing and living too. I don't know how it is in the country you are living in, but people in Sweden are hysterical; bunkering up with foods, hand wash and toilet paper, spreading "news" on their social media and just in general being hysterical. Guys, yes this is a serious matter but when one gets hysterical it is very easy to transfer that hysteria too - for no reason at all.

Don't forget to laugh, have fun and live too. Our personal, national and international economy can, and are, getting affected by this tremendously, but I love what has been happening in Italy. Have you seen how people sing and play music from their balconies all together when being in quarantine? I love the Italian mentality - taking it serious but still not forgetting to laugh a little bit.

This takes me to today's post - food! This is food you make with various simple ingredients you probably have at home in your pantry. This is food that is simple to make. This is food that still is delicious and nutritioning. If you are staying home because you have a low immune defense, you are in quarantine (personal or your whole region/country) or only because yo want to try something new - check out these recipes!


Pasta, pasta pasta, I'm sure the Italians have lots of various pasta stored in their pantries. You should too! You can make delicious pasta dishes with this. For instance with a simple delicious tomato sauce, with pasta pesto, pasta Bolognese or... creamy pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

Crushed Tomatoes.

This is one of the most fine ingredients, which has so many possibilities of variations. If you don't have crushed (or passed) tomatoes in your pantry, go to your closest super market and buy some. This ingredient is a key ingredient to make a delicious tomato soup, pasta with tomato sauce, gnocchi pomodori gratin, lasagna, red lentil stew etc.

Coconut milk.

This is also one of those ingredients that are kind of underestimated, but which really is fantastic. You can make delicious vegan soups with coconut milk, or asian inspired dishes like my Vegan Curry Stew with Peanut butter and wok veggies.

Peanut butter

When I was backpacking on a low budget in Australia by myself a few years ago I always bought peanut butter. Peanut butter is satisfying, healthy and gives you lots of great energy. You can add a spoon to your breakfast, over your porridge, or eat it straight out the jar as it is. Spread it over a toast, on a banana or make delicious simple desserts with it - like stuffed dates. Peanut butter is the best!


We can't forget to discuss the perfect vegan protein source. You can have beans of various kinds (canned or dried) stored in your pantry for a looooong time and yet make delicious and nutritioning recipes with them. You can make hot red lentil stew, chili sin carne, hummus

Grains like rice, bulgur and/or oats

Don't forget our carb sources. Buy rice and/or bulgur and make delicious salads (for instance protein rich rice salad with curry roasted chickpeas) with them or have them just as a side to your main dish. Oats are great in many ways. You can eat them as porridge in the morning, make bread out of them, granola or even desserts.

Other great ingredients to have:

Frozen veggies, flour, dates, a little bit of sweets, and chocolate chocolate chocolate. The last one wasn't scientifically proven, but I say because chocolate understands.



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