Peanut Butter Banana Crisp Toast with Sea Salt and Agave Syrup

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Snacks are often underestimated. Many people tend to think that snacks are just these small foods in between the big meals that you shouldn't focus too much on. Many people even skip the snack meals completely. However, if you are feeling tired during the day, are hungry or just go straight to fast energy and calories when coming home after work or school, consider adding snacks during the day. You will keep your energy level more balanced, you will keep your metabolism going and you will have a balanced satisfaction.

You don't have to eat big snacks, just something small, for energy is important, and today I'm going to show you an option I'm in love with. This is so simple to make and you probably have all ingredients at home already.

Peanut Butter Banana Crisp Toast with Sea Salt and Agave Syrup

Yes, that is it. Pick a soft bread, crisp bread, rice cake or seed cracker. Spread out a layer of organic peanut butter. Garnish with organic banana slices, a ripple of agave syrup, a little bit of sea salt and a few chopped walnuts. That is it. You are done. And this is so delicious.

This snack is completely vegan, healthy and filled with lots of great energy. You have both carbs, fats and protein, and due of having lots of fibrers you also add satisfaction. Try it!


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This looks so deliciou! I'm a sucker for tasty yet simple! 🤤
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